We take action to promote sustainable wages and working conditions.


Photo credit : (Working for Dignity) 


The Workers Rights E3 Program was launched in January 2017 in order to address key findings of economic injustice in Santa Cruz County, specifically high rates of wage and labor violations, which were highlighted by the 2015 Working for Dignity Study.

Please refer to our Workers Rights E3 Program Fact Sheet 2017 for more details. The Workers Rights E3 program aims to,

  • Educate low-wage workers on current labor law
  • Identify workers who have experienced wage theft at their jobs
  • Refer workers to community resources to challenge their employers, such as the California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA) in Santa Cruz and Watsonville
  • Develop systems for monitoring and verifying complaint enforcement by appropriate government agencies
  • Recruit, train and support low-wage workers to become active leaders of EJA


With assistance from the California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA) we have tailored workshops for service providers and their program participants, many of whom experience wage theft. This workshop provides,  

  • An overview on basic wage rights and
  • Enforcement process of making a wage claim
  • Helps service provider professionals and agencies move from providing a service to acting as catalysts for creating community change
  • Engaging participants as leaders

As of June 2017,  we have trained over 30 staff at Community Bridges Family Resource Centers, Community Action Board and the Second Harvest Food Bank. If you are interested in a workshop, please contact us.